Want to Jump Higher? Have These Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping

Boost Your jumping level with these best basketball shoes for jumping and dunking. Every player has a desire for higher jumping. Rather than trying every basketball shoe, we have listed some of the best products. Having a better cushion with Nike’s new technology flywire shoes with optimal support.

best basketball shoes for jumping and dunking

Apart from this, we have also listed the basketball shoes which have a herringbone technology, a synthetic material shoe for moisture-wicking. They will provide you monster jumps. Some shoes are better for running, some are better for jumping but here you will get each and every feature in every basketball shoe with durability.

There are more chances of your tiredness if you purchase a shoe for a long time play but unfortunately, it is heavier in weight. Having a lightweight basketball shoe will provide you more energy to play for several hours. Before you purchase any jumping basketball shoes you have also to keep in mind some main factors of buying a jumping shoe. You can read the buyer guide for this.

Best Basketball Shoes for Jumping and Dunking in 2021

Let’s have a look at our top picks!

Our top selected best basketball shoes for jumping.

Image Product Feature Price
Top Pick
1. Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 Hight Top Lace Up
  • quality traction
  • herringbone sole
  • textured warm feel
Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe 2. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe
  • durable
  • ultra-lightweight
  • affordable
adidas Men's Dame 5 3. Adidas Men’s Dame 5
  • herringbone outsole
  • synthetic
  • flexible midsole
Under Armour Men's Curry 3

4. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3

  • warmed texture
  • Ortholite insole
  • water-resistant ability
adidas Men's Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoe 5. Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoes
  • herringbone
  • Cloudfoam midsole
  • synthetic fabric
Nike Lebron 16 Low Unisex Shoes 6. Nike Lebron 16 Low Unisex Shoes
  • multi grooved
  • combined max air
  • mesh upper
Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes 7. Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes
  • Phylon sole
  • most affordable
  • Woven material
adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe 8. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive
  • rubber sole
  • coral reef pattern
  • TPU wrapping system
Nike Men's Fitness Shoes 9. Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes
  • Zoom rize
  • soft sole
  • Nike’s Zoom cushioning

  1. Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 Hight Top Lace Up Basketball Shoes

Looking for Jump higher? Yes, Nike has brought up an amazing signature shoe for you Nike Kyrie 3 with its bouncing nature. When it comes to the best performance Nike is always on the top. Nike has designed this piece for rapid and vertical jumping. It suits every player who has a desire for high jumping. Because it supports vertical leaps.

Nike Men's Kyrie 3 Hight Top Lace Up Basketball Shoes

Durable traction

We don’t compromise on a shoe when it comes to traction. Superior quality traction gives you a firm feel and comfort while jumping Nike Kyrie 3 is one of them. The shoe has a herringbone sole with a unique pattern. The herringbone is covering from heel to ankle and provides a textured warm feel and feels soft when you jump. The 2 pods give you an exceptional grip while jumping on the court. These pods are designed to give a responsive cushion.

Even if you land on your heels the traction proves itself responsive. When you jump it feels lighter than other shoes that make it an upper choice.


Nike has manufactured the Kyrie with extra traction along with this they also manufactured the extra edges which help a player to play at any angle. No matter when changing the direction quickly the extra edges and two pods will help you to change the direction. A stretchy band on the top of the shoe provides support and comfort to your foot at any angle.


Kyrie 3 Shoe is made up of pure synthetic and rubber material. Synthetic material provides a foamy feel. No matter if you’re playing outside and have moisture on the courts the shoe will remain water-resistant due to synthetic material. In addition, rubber material provides stability and bouncing. Shoes that are made from rubber are the most stable and are bendable so that you cut and curve the direction easily.

Nike’s New Technology

Nike has brought up an amazing Flywire technology. The cables combine with the laces hence they provide wrapping around the foot and creates a lock, it fits the foot completely. It also prevents slipping adding more grip and flexibility at any surface. we can say it is the best jumping shoes ever.

Overall, the shoe will meet the requirements for high vertical jumping we all know if a product is expensive then it seems manufacturers added new and advanced technologies to it. So, buy this imported best basketball shoe for dunking.

  • New technology
  • Pure synthetic and rubber material
  • Imported
  • Best with extra edges traction
  • Expensive

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2. Nike Men’s Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe

Another one from Nike’s list Kobe mamba represents Kobe Bryant. Despite that, the shoe is designed for higher jumps. However, you have to compromise on some of the factors in this product if you want to jump higher like the low quality of the outsole and other little considerations.

Nike Men's Kobe Mamba Focus Basketball Shoe


The traction of the mamba is not so good for outdoor courts but it gives perfection in jumping. Dust may not clean easily from the sides. A snakeskin pattern is designed beneath for providing a superior grip. When you play off the traction becomes better. When you land on the heel it feels harder but the sturdiness of the heel provides support and lock during the faster playing.


The design of the Mamba is one step ahead. The cushion doesn’t give comfort but is durable. A lace-up lockdown helps to keep the foot locked when jumping. The outsole is designed according to Kobe’s deadliest moves. Overall, the design is perfect for outdoor courts many players recommend Kobe’s mamba fit for outdoors.


This shoe has been named an ultra-lightweight shoe. The insoles are made up of rubber which provides a better and superior grip. However, the outsoles are a little bit upper and embossed but still is provides stability. You can shoot like Kobe’s quick attack with this item. The Bottom-Loaded Zoom Air technology provides better flexibility. It is also durable and withstands outdoor court conditions.

Apart from all this, The Kobe mamba focus is affordable and available in multi colors. It will provide minimal construction to the foot. So, if you want to jump higher and the traction is not your main key with a cheap price have this shoe.

  • High bounce
  • Ultra-lightweight
  • Durable
  • Snakeskin pattern on upper
  • Perfect for outdoors
  • Dust may not be cleaned easily

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3. Adidas Men’s Dame 5

Adidas Dame 5 is one of the best signature shoes of Damian Lillard. Other than that Adidas is providing all its best items of shoes the dame 5 is also one of them. If you’re looking for a shoe with high-quality traction, a material with a gorgeous look then Adidas dame 5 is manufactured for you.

Adidas Men's Dame 5


The traction of the dame 5 is made of herringbone pattern outsole to heel feels very grippy when you cut the direction quickly. Herringbone pattern provides stability and versatility. Thus, the manufacturers have done their best implementation on it. The traction is quite thick and sturdy and widely spaced apart it helps prevents absorbing dust when you play on the asphalt or concrete surfaces that have dust.

The rubber outsole helps to work perfectly on any type of court solid option for outdoor courts because the outsole is much thick and reliable.


Adidas has manufactured the dame 5 with their best for both surfaces. From toe to heel to outsole and insole every feature of the dame 5 is giving the professional look. The lace closure gives an extra lock while jumping. The wide footer and the slightly long volume above the toes add the grip and fit the foot very closely. The thick outsole gives the look of gorgeousness with multi-colors. You will never be disappointed by purchasing this item.


The material is used while manufacturing is synthetic and suede which add more durability. No matter if your court has moisture the synthetic material adds the ability of water resistance. Moreover, while playing on outdoor courts there are maybe more chances of dust stains and other things. Synthetic material also adds the ability of stain-resistant. So, start playing on outdoor courts without any worry of stains, moisture, and dust.

Support And fitness

The support and the fitness of the dame are beyond the limits, Lace lockdown is great for wrapping the foot. The flexible midsole gives exceptional comfort. The midsole also provides the feel of light weightiness along that cushion is also comfortable. No matter if you change your direction quickly the midfoot banking barrier provides stability and grip when you step up to the new direction. Overall, the dame 5 is a stunning product we will definitely recommend purchasing such a step ahead shoe.

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  • Best for outdoor
  • Exceptional comfort to the feet
  • Light-weight
  • The herringbone outsole is grippy
  • One of the best item in our list
  • May not perform good for indoors

4. Under Armour Men’s Curry 3

Under Armour curry 3 symbolizes the famous basketball player Steph curry. This signature shoe is called Steph’s third signature. It offers optimal support and control at any type of surface. Jumping on an outdoor court needs exceptional grip and stability. Under armor curry 3 is providing that grip with a firm feel Let’s have a look at the features.

Under Armour Men's Curry 3


The traction of the curry 3 is much better than other basketball shoes. Its traction has a herringbone pattern that offers a smooth grip on the court and you will feel the warmed texture. The 3-inch rubber outsole helps you in providing more grip and ankle support on asphalt surfaces. Outdoor courts may have concrete so that 3-inch rubber helps you to jump even better with impact protection. If you have the desire to longevity playing then This multidirectional traction suits on you.

Comfort Feel

Long play games Need a cushion with a soft and comfortable feel. Curry 3 is made up for long play games with a soft and firm feel. The Ortholite insole is used that offers breathability and helps in circulating the air around the whole insole and feel comfortable. Along with that it also adds durability to the shoe. It also has the ability of shock absorption so no matter if you jump higher and then land on the heel it provides a firm grip and stability.

It is also responsive to the quick-cut direction. The Ortholite insole absorbs all the moisture around your foot and provides an ideal temperature. You even don’t need sweaty socks when you wear the shoe and also you will feel lightweight when jumping.


Curry 3 is made up of synthetic material which adds a water-resistant ability to it. Moreover, it is flexible and stain-resistant. If your outdoor court has moisture no matter synthetic material will help you to absorb it very perfectly and will provide you a superior grip. The thread bone technology helps to absorb the sweat around your feet and the upper thread bone helps to absorb the moisture outdoors. It provides long-lasting freshness and stability.

Furthermore, The antifoam helps to distribute the weight of the body on the shoe and it fits essential pressure points. It also helps in preventing sliding when you turn the direction so that there will be almost zero chances of slipping because it also locks the foot in a place.

Support and fitness

When it comes to fitness curry 3 performs a step ahead. It fits and locks the foot completely. The lace lockdown provides the midfoot full-locked. The added padding from heel to ankle is great for fitness. The carbon-fiber wings provide extra security it. It also helps in twisting. Overall, curry 3 provides superior stability with Meta-Wing Plate. If you want a perfect shoe for jumping, running, and juping then curry 3 is made up for you.

  • Synthetic material
  • Padding added from heel to ankle
  • Moisture absorbing technology
  • Fits and locks completely
  • May need care for long time

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5. Adidas Men’s Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoes

Another Adidas great comfortable basketball shoe with pretty performance. The Adidas pro bounce gives a well-balanced bounce and is perfect for high jumping and dunking. In addition, it also comes at an affordable price. Having robust features at an affordable price Adidas has manufactured the best jumping basketball shoes for you.

Adidas Men's Pro Next 2019 Basketball Shoes


Again a herringbone technology for quick-cut directions. At any surface like outdoor courts, gyms, and many more the Adidas pro bounce gives an exceptional performance on both courts. The traction is made of rubber compounds which offers consistency while quick cut direction or slow cut direction. Even the dust will not present on the shoes. However, sometimes it may get slippery on outdoor courts that have more dust but is perfect for clean courts.

Comfort feel

A shoe that contains Cloudfoam midsole provides marvelous cushioning and Adidas men’s pro bounce is one of them. Cloud midsole provides users an exceptional comfort feel all day. No matter your basketball game is long-lasting or short it will provide you a firm feel all over the day. It also provides superior comfort during travel without worrying about your feet. It gives exceptional grip so you can jump, dunk, and travel even more easily.


Adidas pro bounce is made up of synthetic fabric which adds durability to it for long-lasting. Soft and bendable leather is used in manufacturing. The upper regulates the air around the foot hence your feet will not get sweaty. Moreover, you will feel light-weight while jumping because of synthetic material. Inside the shoe, you will get nylon lining material that offers the ability to easy cleaning, stretchable, abrasion-resistant. It is easy to bend, that feature you will need while jumping.

Support and fit

It is excellent at fitting. The lace down provides an exceptional fitting to the midfoot to heel lockdown. The base is wide but can not be suited on wide feet. The ankle-to-heel support is awesome because it has more volume above the ankle. The Adidas pro bounce will be your first choice in terms of comfort with great support and fitness.

  • Rubber compound traction
  • Soft and breathable leather
  • Easy to clean
  • Great comfort
  • Not for wide feets

6. Nike Lebron 16 Low Unisex Shoes

The Nike Lebron 16 has many more improvements as compared to the other basketball shoes. It symbolizes the famous basketball player Lebron James. With having superior quality traction you can play with it on both surfaces outdoor surfaces and indoor surfaces.

Nike Lebron 16 Low Unisex Shoes


The herringbone traction pattern covers all the multidirectional moves. The traction is multi grooved with a widely spaced pattern that provides grip on any type of surface. In addition to grip and stability, the manufacturers used rubber for a more firm grip on indoor and outdoor surfaces. Also, it withstands according to the player’s position. Not even men but women can also use this and play as they are desired.

Comfort feel

The Nike Lebron 16 provides an ultra-premium feel. The combined max air provides shock absorption when your feet hit back to the ground after jumping. The max air cushioning helps in the return to the shape quickly to protect your feet from slipping off. Furthermore, the Zoom Air cushioning provides responsive comfort and grip for quick acceleration. It will provide an excellent cushion to absorb the impact of jumping on rough courts and will provide you rebounding to the game.


The Lebron 16 is made of mesh upper which provides circulating air around the foot so goodbye to the extra sweaty socks because there will be no need for extra sweaty socks if you purchase this. It provides comfort and protection to the foot. If you run fast or jump higher it also protects you from any injury. A battle kit pattern is printed on the upper mesh which provides a look of the battle kit updated version shoe.

Support and Fitness

The support and fitness of the Lebron 16 are one step ahead. A Stretch collar is on the upper helps in wearing easily. Apart from other basketball sneakers, it has a new lacing system. In order to distribute weight equally on the foot, the new lacing system provides more fitness and lockdown to the midfoot. The laces are connected to the collar with a flywire which helps to wrap around the foot creating more lockdown thus there will be almost zero chances of slipping off.

  • New lacing system locks the foot completely
  • Circulating air around the foot
  • Zero chances of slipping
  • Ultra-premium feel
  • long run may need extra cleaning

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7. Nike Men’s Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes

Nike has brought affordable shoes with more excellent features for you. The most affordable basketball shoe so far. With excellent traction, it also provides a comfy feel. Many wearers appreciate Nike’s flytrap in terms of price with more robust features like lace down, superior traction and so far. We have briefly discussed here each and every feature of the Kyrie flytrap.

Nike Men's Kyrie Flytrap Basketball Shoes


The traction pattern of the Kyrie flytrap is flat depending upon the court you’re playing on but it will give you exceptional grip and is not bad for some bucks. Dust is no a primary issue for Flytrap as long as you keep the outsole clear and clean the shoe will give you an outstanding performance. If you want a decent grip for a long time then you have to keep it clean.

Comfort Feel

Being a budget-friendly shoe the flytrap has minimal comfort and cushion. You will never feel uncomfortable with it. Phylon sole provides much more comfortable even you can spend long hours. The most surprising feature of the shoe is along with your feet it also provides support to your hips and lowers back. None other shoes will provide you such optimal performance for some bucks.


Kyrie flytrap is made up of Woven material. However, woven is thinner than other outsole materials but it is fascinating in it. Being a woven material shoe, it is light in weight you have to emphasize it more once the fibers of the woven are stretched up better it will start to provide a pretty strong lockdown. Furthermore, the durability of the woven is best at all.

Support and Fitness

Affordable with great traction but no it is affordable with the best support and fitness. It is made up of wide feet. Rubber outsoles provide more grip on outdoor courts while having wide feet it is made for you. The section of the forefoot is more firm fitting. The curved outsole gives optimal cushion and helps you to quickly cut the direction. Overall, the support of the shoe we have found is adequate. We will definitely recommend this affordable shoe with having robust features.

  • Most affordable
  • Woven material shoes
  • Rubber outsole
  • For wide feets
  • Not for narrow feets

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8. Adidas Performance Men’s Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe

This basketball shoe is one of them that your feet dream to have. Tired of wiping and cleaning the dust no matter it is dust resistant. You will high rating in overall satisfaction. Almost every player love to jump higher the rubber sole will help you more in high jumping.

Adidas Performance Men's Crazy Explosive Basketball Shoe


The traction of the explosive is made up of a coral reef pattern it really helps in stop and goes with better traction. The rubber outsole provides more grip and durability. However, if you want to play outside you have to be more conscious because it can be easily used on indoor courts. Due to soft rubber material, it may be wearing out quickly outdoors as compared to indoors

Comfort feel

It is the top-notch shoe in the term of comfort. The TPU wrapping system provides an exceptional grip even on slippery surfaces. It provides a firm feel even it protects from UV rays if you have a desire to wear it outside you may wear it because the TPU system protects it from harsh road conditions.


Made up of pure synthetic which adds more durability. Rubber sole prevents from slipping off and offering great grip even on treacherous surfaces. Rather than that, it also adds the ability of oil and water resistance. The upper textile provides extra durability with light weightiness.  Furthermore, it is more stretchable and flexible due to synthetic material.

Support and Fitness

The more enhanced design for support and regulating the air. The heel insert offers great ventilation of air during the game. It helps from over sweating hence your feet remain fresh for a long time. The anatomical lace system wraps the whole foot and provides a great lockdown. When you will lock down the laces the mesh tongue will hug your feet and will provide you optimal support so you can jump and dunk more easily.

  • TPU system protects from harsh road conditions
  • Pure synthetic
  • light weightiness
  • Flexible
  • Mat not suitable for indoors

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9. Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes

The most comfortable shoe ever you will love its bounce and cushioning. Nike’s new technology enhances its features in every item. Zoom rize enhances its bounce even more than other shoes. The soft sole gives a firm feel you will never be tired of wearing it regularly. We can it is the best basketball shoe for dunking and jumping with having robust features.

Nike Men's Fitness Shoes


The traction gives an optimal performance because the wavy pattern provides an extra grip on both surfaces slippy hardwood or concrete surface. Nike’s Zoom cushioning technology provides more bounce with an amazing responsive landing. The back of the shoe provides support and stability. Its traction will also help from slipping because the weave pattern adds more stability.

Comfort Feel

The mid-high collar provides comfort in walking internal padding provides exceptional support. An external heel provides more lock down the foot completely. The midsole is made up of foam which provides a comfy feel that is why your feet will never feel uncomfortable even for long hours.


Mesh material shoes are more lightweight, durable, and tear-resistance hence they provide excellent performance all the time. This shoe is also made up of mesh material because of that you will never feel heavier in weight while jumping. It also provides support to your heel so that when you land on the heel after jumping it enhances the balance. Rubber outsole provides a longer life span and better defense against concrete.

Support and Fitness

The support and fitness of this shoe are incredible. The lace lockdown system provides more fitness the heel counter above the ankle provides more lockdown around the foot so that your feet will be completely locked. The inner padded collar enhances ankle support. With all these robust features we will definitely suggest buying such an incredible shoe.

  • Nike’s Zoom cushioning technology
  • wavy pattern provides an extra grip
  • Heel counter above the ankle
  • Mesh material
  • Not for kids

Some Main Points to Keep in Mind While Choosing the Perfect Shoes for jumping and Dunking

Not every sneaker’s traction and outsole are the same. For jumping, there are the other main points to consider in a shoe while purchasing we have described some main points of it.


Better traction provides a better grip. Rubber traction gives a higher bounce. When considering shoes for jumping A rubber traction can be wiped out easily as compared to other materials. The lines of the traction pattern provide a firm grip to your feet to the outdoor courts. It will be better if you choose the best basketball shoes for jumping that having rubber traction.

Support and Lockdown

Usually, basketball sneakers have lacing lockdown. The lacing lockdown system provides a full lock to the feet also sturdy support. Especially, when you have a desire for high jumping you have to be focused properly on the shoes. The base of the shoe should be wide because it provides stability. In order to prevent slipping off, the TPU heel counter protects you from any kind of slipping incident.


Basketball sneakers are made up of two famous materials we have described each material properties below:

Mesh material

If a basketball shoe is made up of mesh material it will provide you ventilation and keep your feet fresh and cool during the game. we also have listed some of the shoes having material of the mesh

  • Nike Lebron 16 Low Unisex Shoes
  • Nike Men’s Fitness Shoes

Synthetic Material

A basketball sneaker that is made up of synthetic material will be more durable as compared to others. Synthetic material Basketball shoes have been specially manufactured for outdoor courts because they are water-resistant. Moreover, they are also stain resistant so that if the streets or courts may have moisture there synthetic leather helps in moisture-wicking.

Weight and size

Jumping shoes must be light in weight because when you dunk higher it also has to provide you support. Less weight will help you jump higher. The size of the basketball shoes may vary from feet to feet. If you have wide feet you have to purchase according to your wide forefoot. Although listed basketball shoes here are available in different sizes.


The material at the bottom of the feet is called a cushion. Many manufacturers are introducing their new technologies for cushion support. Nike’s new cushion technology came into the market first now Adidas is also introducing it. The main point is to know that cushion is the location where the bounce is located. A better cushion gives a push back from the ground to jumping.

Final words

In the above Shoe list, we have listed all the best basketball shoes for jumping whether you want them to use on outdoor courts or indoor courts they will provide the perfect performance. Some of the Top chosen shoes are:

  • Nike Men’s Kyrie 3 Hight Top Lace Up Basketball Shoes
  • Nike Lebron 16 Low Unisex Shoes
  • Under Armour Men’s Curry 3

They will also provide long-lasting freshness. you will never be uncomfortable with them so prepare yourself for high jumpings with top-notch jumping basketball shoes. Happy jumping!

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