Double Rim vs Single Rim Basketball Hoops – improve Your Shooting

Have you ever dunked on a double rim basketball hoop? What is the purpose of the double rim and it is good to play on a double rim? The answer is double rims are much durable and stronger because they stand up with the weight of hanging of the players. They have more strength than single rims.

Double Rim vs Single Rim Basketball Hoops

Usually, you will found them on outdoor public courts because of the surrounding conditions of the outdoors. Double rims are much thick than single rims but they are sometimes annoying while dunking and hooping. Instead of falling the ball into the hoop often bounces back. That’s why most of the players consider it hard to shoot in.

But Wait!

Do you want to hang on the rims? if yes then you must try the double rim basketball rim because they are much stronger and would not bend up easily.

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Our Experience on Double Rim 2021

What we love the plus point of the rim is the durability. Our experience was really nice because we could hang on it after dunking for more enjoyment. And the surprising part was they wouldn’t break. But a little bit harder to shoot the ball into the hoop. We felt like we have to put more force on the arc to shoot into.

Is it Good to play on a Double Rim Basketball Hoop?

Many Players stated that double rim is a little frustrating because it may hurt the confidence of shooting. But there are plenty of benefits to playing it. Apart from its strength and durability, you can improve your shooting and hooping skills. At a glance, you will not feel any difference while shooting but playing on a double rim can really help you change your shot in two major ways.

We’ve briefly described that how a double rum would have an impact on your shots.

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Improving shoot arc

Since the double rim is much thick as from the single rim. If you shot the ball at less angle it has more tendency to trap the ball before entering into the hoop. You will observe that when a player shoots the ball instead of entering into the hoop, it grabs the ball into the rim because of thickness, and the ball bounces back instead of going into the hoop.

you will hear from the announcers that “in and out” of the shot this happens because of the double rim. Now you can improve your arc of the basketball shot simply need to set more of an arc on shooting. When you put more arc on your shot the ball enters into the hoop even at steeper angles. There will be fewer chances of the ball bouncing back out of the rim or trap into the rim.

If you’re a good shooter your arc should be higher. Not only there will be chances of the ball going into the hoop but it also improves your next point that is shooting touch.

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Shooting Touch

If you are a great shooter you should have a “shooting touch”. It is the opposite of shooting a brick. Using this trick, you can shoot the ball even lightly and gently. There will be more chances of the ball going into the hoop rather than bouncing out. Even if you shoot the ball slightly the ball will bounce on the rim and fall into the hoop. Instead of bouncing out of the rim shooting touch helps to fall into the rim.

Since the double rim is more durable and thick rather than a single, you must shoot the ball with more touch in order to get more shots. Even if you want to get a layup, you will learn how to toss the basketball and polish your shooting skill rather than shooting the ball with force.

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Double rims improve your shooting skills

As we experienced double rim is quite frustrating and getting shots are harder on it. But you will learn the perfect shots through double rim because it will force you to put more arc and also improve shooting touch. If you play regularly on the double then go and play on the single rim you will feel pro yourself in perfect shots because a single rim is easier than a double and you have improved your shots on double.

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If you play on the double rim it is quite good but a little bit frustrating. We suggest improving your shooting skills on it because you will learn to put higher arc and shooting touch that way you will be a great shooter. We’d love to know your experience with double rims. Stay in touch with us!

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