Dunk Calculator How High do You Need to Jump to Dunk? Vertical jump

Dunking is the most important for a basketball player in the game. The dunk calculator helps the player to measure the height of the jumping. It gives an approximate plan for dunking. By using this calculator you can easily get an idea of how tall you have to be to dunk.

Dunk calculator

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Things have become easy in this advanced era. You do not have to follow complex methods to analyze things. This modern age gives you advanced tools to work with ease. A Dunk calculator is one such invention.

At this point,

It will be good if you focus on what is the dunk calculator. Don’t think too much. Just stay with us.

What is the dunk calculator?

This is a very amazing gadget that lets the player analyze how many extra inches he needs to jump to dunk the basketball. Not only this feature, but the dunk calculator also gives you the speed, force, hang time, vertical jump, and velocity.

You are wondering how it does so.

Actually, it gives all these features by giving a standing reach, the height of the rim, and the extra reach.

how high do you need to jump to dunk?

Are you new and starting to learn basketball?

Well, that’s great!

You need to know the average height to dunk. In my opinion, 6 feet and 4 inches are the ideal height to dunk. If your height is less, then you need a dunk calculator to analyze how height you require to jump to dunk.

Don’t worry!

This calculator is extremely easy to use and simple. You need to add the specified information and the calculator will tell you the extra inches you need to dunk.

Let me explore this topic more.

Where to get a dunk calculator?

The Vertical jump calculator is available online and is free to use. Add the rim height and standing reach and find the extra reach to dunk the basketball. Download from here play store

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What do you need to use the dunk calculator?

The process is very simple and quick. The height of the rim and standing reach are the two basic things to use the dunk calculator.

Have these two and get the results to ensure the best game. Sometimes, you don’t know the standing reach.

No problem!

We have brought for you a simple method to measure the standing reach. Let’s check it out.

Measurement of standing reach

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What do you need?

Arrange the following things to measure the standing reach:

  • A smooth wall
  • A measuring tape
  • A second person or a friend.
  • Pointer or chalk. The color of the chalk should be visible on the wall very clear.

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Steps to follow

  • Stand against the wall you have chosen. Make sure your feet should be flat to the smooth ground.
  • Ask a friend to place a mark on the wall at the point of your maximum height.
  • Alternatively, you can do it yourself with one hand. Raise your hand as high as possible and mark on the wall.
  • Get yourself separate from the wall.
  • Measure the distance from the point of chalk to the ground with the help of measuring tape.
  • Note this distance, it is the standing reach.

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Height of the rim

The general height of the rim is 10 feet. You can use his value to analyze the extra inches you need to dunk.

Increase the vertical jump

You have now got, what do extra inches you need to dunk the basketball. Now, the actual practice is to increase the vertical height. Multiple initial players complain that they have increased the jump, but they are, still, a few inches away to dunk the basketball.

This situation is common.

Multiple practices are available online to increase the vertical jump. You can do this under the instruction of a teacher.

You need the plyometrics designed to increase the jump and movement. We are highlighting some practice exercises to increase the vertical jump. These pieces of training will boost your strength to reach the extra inches you need to dunk the basketball.

  • Lateral jumps

Players need to practice the side by side movement by the lateral jump practice. This increases muscle strength and power.

  • Squat jumps

The purpose of the squat jump is to analyze the lower body pressure. Practice it daily and it will end up with an increased vertical jump.

  • Single leg bounce

Maximize the power by decreasing the contact time with the ground. This practice aims to increase your power.

  • Depth jump

This is the ideal practice to increase the vertical jump. This jump also improves your muscle strength.

  • Broad jump

To maintain your balance while playing, a broad jump is used as a practice. This jump not only improves the power of the leg but also maximizes the vertical jump.

We have highlighted some key exercises to boost the vertical jumps. But, you are not restricted to these practices only. A lot of other jumps are available, like, split squat jumps, broad jumps, 180 jumps, tuck jumps, and much more.

Pick the two or three jumps according to your choice and practice them daily. Within a week you will notice the improvement in your vertical jump to dunk the basketball.

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Rules to dunk the basketball

Here are different rules to dunk. You can follow the one most suitable for you or that is more compatible with your experience.

  • Consider the strength training exercises to jump higher if the running vertical is higher than the standing vertical.
  • Prefer plyometric exercises if the running vertical and standing vertical is almost the same.

The normal difference between the running vertical and standing vertical is 20 per cent. The running vertical should be higher. If its value is 20 percent less, then we recommend you to prefer plyometric exercises.

If you don’t know about the plyometric exercises, then you can search it online or have proper guidance from the teacher or some experienced players.

If your concern is improving the vertical jump, then pick the exercises according to it.

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Who is the shortest person to ever dunk?

Spud Webb is the shortest person ever in history.

Who has the highest vertical jump?

Evan Ungar has the highest vertical jump recorded in the Guinness world record in 2016. He jumped at a height of 63.5 inches.

Who has the highest vertical in the NBA?

Michael Jordan is the basketball player which takes the first position in the highest vertical jumping. He dunked at a height of 48 inches.

Final words

The Dunk calculator is one of the most amazing gadgets introduced so far. You can easily improve your game by analyzing what extra inches you need to dunk the basketball into the rim.


The main point is practice. Simply knowing these extra inches does not increase your jump. You should have the proper practices to improve the jump.

The more will you practice, the earlier you will observe the improvement in your vertical jump. Try to have a nice practice on a daily basis. Don’t let go of a single day without the practice. Less exercise will, simply, result in the loss of stamina.

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In the end,

We have written this post for you as this is the dire need of professional players. They want to know what more inches of jumps need to have a ball beautifully dunk.

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