How to Deflate a Basketball? (With Pictures) 4 Ways Detailed Guide

Basketball is the most common game played all over the world. And it is, really, a nice and attractive game. So, if you love your game, then you must know the techniques that are mostly used on basketball; like, how to deflate a basketball and other important techniques related to it.

How to Deflate a Basketball

Oh yes! The good thing is,

In this article, we will tell you a very important point about how to deflate a basketball so that you don’t need to face problems while playing your loving game.

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When, Where, and How to Deflate a Basketball?

Deflate a basketball is less common, but at some point, we have to need to deflate it.

Travel and storage

During travel, you must know how to deflate a basketball. By deflating it, we can easily make storage in our suitcase and can be easily transported from one place to another.


Sometimes, your basketball shows a higher bounce than expected. You like this bounce, but let me tell you that this bounce may lead to the loss of control over the ball while playing.

You wonder, “How”?

Actually, it is an overinflated ball that leads to the higher bounce of the basketball. Just, deflate the ball slightly and have good control over it.

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Ways of deflating a basketball

Ways of deflating a basketball

  •  To deflate a basketball, keep the following methods in your mind.
  • Using Inflation needle and pump


  • Using a pump and Bobby Pin


  • Placing the ball into the fridge
  • By removing the air by pressure gauge (optional)

Inflation needles are very cheap and can be found easily in every store, where this type of equipment is available.

Moisturize the needle either with saliva or other lubricant and push the needle slowly into the ball. Make sure that the needle should not be connected to the pump while doing this practice.
Do not push the valve inside or puncture the inner bladder.

Is that not enough?

If you want to remove a small amount of air, then you can also deflate the basketball by connecting with the pump.

On the other hand,

If you want to remove a large amount of air from the ball, then you have needed to use an inflation needle. Because the pump takes too much time to remove a lot of air from the basketball.

Deflating a Basketball without an inflation needle

If you do not have the inflation needle, then you can easily remove the air with the help of a Bobby pin, sewing needle, or any other equipment. The most important thing is that the equipment you are using to remove the air should not be very wide. Because a wide tool can damage the basketball valve.

Deflating a Basketball without an inflation needle


You can also use a pump needle for the deflation, but these needles are not, basically, meant for this purpose.
The thing you need to procure is to protect the basketball valve while using the needle pump, because of the chance to damage the valve increases while using a needle pump.

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Deflating a basketball by placing in the fridge

If you have no tool to remove the air from the basketball, then don’t lose hope. We have another cheap remedy for this purpose, but the drawback is the consumption of time.

Deflating a basketball by placing in the fridge

So, are you ready to know it?

  • Remove the mess and dust from the basketball surface with cotton or other soft cloth.
  • Take a clean towel and place it on any shelf of the fridge.
  • Then, put the basketball on that shelf and close the fridge door for multiple hours.
  • Check the ball in every hour. The cold in the fridge will reduce the air pressure and by reducing the motion of molecules. Deflate the ball according to your wish and have a nice bounce while playing.

On the dark side,

This solution is temporary. As the air of the ball gets warm, it started to become inflated again.

By removing the air by pressure gauge (optional)

By removing the air by pressure gauge

Removing air from the ball is another way, but it’s optional. You can buy an air pressure gauge from the market. If you, really, need this tool and this is not available in the market, then you can buy it from the online store.

  • To remove the air by a pressure gauge, you need to moisturize the needle either by saliva, water, or any other moisture.
  • Next, attach the needle to the pressure gauge and insert the needle into the basketball.
  • When you reached the desired pressure, press the release valve and let the air come out from the basketball through this valve.
  • Record the releasing air pressure in the gauge.

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Our recommendation

It is very easy to play with the basketball and leave it in the backyard.

But wait! Let me tell you one thing.

The direct sunlight and rain can damage your ball. So, if you want to maintain a new look at your ball, then place it in the cool and shady area after playing. Some basketballs are very durable for outdoors such as Spalding street outdoor basketball, Wilson NCAA replica game basketball, and many more.

Take care of the basketball

There are many types of basketball in the market and you must know how to take care of every type of ball. Either it is made up of rubber, leather, or synthetic leather; it all depends on its material.

Synthetic leather ball mostly used in the gymnasium and on the floor made up of wood. So we do not need to take extra care of such types of balls. As they also have the moisture-wicking ability.

The basketballs which are made up of rubber need extra care. You play with them on a daily basis, so ensure their proper cleaning and hygiene.

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Deflating basketball is not a very difficult task. You can easily follow all the steps to attain the deflated ball. If you know all kinds of cross solutions, then you can easily get a deflated ball without damaging valves.

Best of all,

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The more you show love with your ball, the more you know the steps related to how to deflate a basketball without a needle. Now, it’s up to you how much you want to learn about it.

We have discussed all the approachable steps. You can pick the one or two that fit best for you or that look feasible with your ball type. Keep your ball safe. Happy gaming!

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