How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy Quick ways of 2021

Whether you play on the outdoor courts or indoor courts the grip of your basketball shoes is a very important part. Good grip basketball shoes allow you to quickly cut the direction, run faster, and provides better stability on the surfaces. So listed here methods will allow to knowing how to make basketball shoes more grippy.

How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

Basketball soles are the main part of gripping. If your sole collects more dirt and the quality of the sole is low then these reasons cause you to slip on the surfaces. Even due to slippery shoes there might be chances of losing your top-notch basketball game.

How to Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy

We have described the 4 quickest methods here which perform excellently for grip back the basketball shoes. The very first method is:

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1. The way of cleaning

The most effective way of retaining the shape and remaining consistent grip of basketball shoes is cleaning. When a basketball shoe starts to pick up the dust and dirt from outside it starts losing traction and grip. The layer of dust at the bottom is clearly noticeable. It causes the shoes to slide up easily on the slippery courts. There are several methods of cleaning the shoes but two of them are the most effective. No matter how much you play outdoors and indoors.

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The first method of cleaning

Grooves of the traction play an important role in role in gripping. Take a piece of cloth wet it with water and wipe out the dust from the grooves. Do not need the deep rubbing only make sure to remove the dust particles from grooves that cause slipping.

The second method of cleaning

If you want more cleanliness you can use a dusting brush and soapy water. Wet the traction of the basketball shoes with soapy water properly rub the dusting brush slowly at the bottom. It eliminates the dust particles deeply from the grooves.

2. Through shoe grip enhancer spray

If the above cleaning methods are not working then you can switch to the shoe grip enhancers. Grip enhancers are always helpful for adding more court grip. The sticky mats and pads are also available at the market for enhancing extra grip.

The pads and mats are especially used in gyms before when you step on the courts. They provide extra grip and adhesion before you step on.

We suggest using both of the methods above the one is the cleaning and the second is the grip lotion. They both work perfectly on their own. You can combine their use for the best results.

A pro tip:

Never use your basketball shoes on the concrete courts and outdoors because shoes are specially made for hardwood courts. The traction of their basketball shoes is made up of rubber grooves using it on the concrete courts may cause a break down quickly which causes slipping on the courts and several injuries.

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3. Moisten soles during game

When you play a top-notch basketball game and suddenly the traction starts breaking down in the middle. If that occurs then the quick method of making basketball shoes sticky is to moisten the sole.

Now the question that arises is how to make your shoe non-slippery during the game? Well, the quickest way of moistening the sole is using a damp rag which the team and courts take as a caution. The second way is by getting wet with saliva.

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4. A permanent shoe repair

It happens that the traction of the basketball shoes breaks down with the passage of time. If the above methods are not working for enhancing grip then you can use the shoe repair service for fixing the soles.

Get your old and slippery sole to replace with the new sole. It feels your feet got a brand new pair. This method is not easy as cleaning the sole and purchasing an enhancer. This method is typically cheaper than buying a new pair of the shoe.

If shoe repairing is not the option then the only way of getting a better grip is purchasing a new pair of basketball shoes.

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How to put traction on shoes?

for a quick result, you can use a grainy texture at the traction that will help you to improve the traction.

Final verdict

Many players don’t feel right by cleaning the traction because they feel slipping on the courts and they give up on the traction too quickly. But, there are several methods we have discussed here that can perfectly utilize the grip of the basketball shoes.

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Even some pairs perform well even with a little bit of cleaning dust particles. Try our methods and make sure which method performs excellently for you of How To Make Basketball Shoes More Grippy and then let us know!

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