How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled With Sand and Water

So you have a portable basketball hoop filled with water and sand though these substances are heavy still you want to move your basketball hoop from one place to another. Basketball hoops are now a part of every home in the USA. Some have in-ground some have portable. In-ground basketball hoops won’t be moved so easily because they are assembled in the ground. However, you can move a portable basketball hoop. So today you will be going to learn How to move a basketball hoop that is filled with water and sand.

How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled With Sand and Water

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How to Move a Basketball Hoop Filled With Sand and Water

We still remember when the group of our friends bought a heavy portable basketball hoop Spalding The Beast for indoor court. One thing that we observed in that basketball hoop was the wheels at the bottom of the basketball hoop. Other than that, we have also seen that many basketball hoop models have wheels at the bottom. So it’s a plus point in portable basketball hoops than in-ground.

You would get plenty of basketball hoop companies that are providing easy transportation of basketball hoops

The second option is there are many basketball hoops available out there that are foldable with collapsable designs. Some basketball hoops can fold themselves you only need to read the user manual of the hoop thoroughly. Folding basketball hoops are pretty good even their base is filled with sand or water you can move them easily. Because folding reduces the height of a basketball hoop.

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Another way is disassembling. A portable basketball hoop can easily be disassembled. You can disassemble each and every part i.e hoop, stand, base, and backboard. you can carry its parts on a while with ease even if the base is filled with sand or water. You only need to read the disassembly part in the user’s menu.

While our friends thought of another flexible and quick approach of moving a basketball hoop. Although this could only work on a basketball court. You can change the position of the basketball hoop inside the court. We have friends that couldn’t afford a heavy portable basketball hoop. They used this trick to change the position of the hoop.

Place the front side of your foot on the top of the basketball hoop base. Place the foot in a manner that your foot’s lower side touches the ground. Keep your feet balanced. Grab the frame of the basketball hoop with both hands. Start moving the basketball hoop to yourself. If the basketball hoop is too expensive then take a little help from your friend. So it won’t get damaged.

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Removing Sand From Basketball Base

Till now you’re thinking why we’re not suggesting to empty the base and move it around? Simply No! Emptying the base for moving is not a good practice. Seems a viable solution but is not. It’s much harder than your expectation. Because most of the hoops have filling holes at the top of the base. Once filled, the only way is you need to dismantle the base in order to flip the base to turn over. That seems quite tricky and hard. Therefore, it is not suggested to do.

What to Do Before Moving a Basketball Hoop

Take some shoots

If you’re going to disassemble your basketball hoop then take out some captures in your mobile phone of an assembled basketball. This will help you out on the assemble it again.

Emptying base

Although we said that emptying the is not liked. But still, you should empty the base as much as you can. For emptying with ease you can use a vacuum that will work perfectly for you. And if you’re using water then a hand water pump will help you the most to remove the excess water.

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What You Should Use? Sand or Water

Perhaps the most asked question for portable hoops. Both substances are common to use in the base. You can use both of them. Both have their own pros and cons.

Using Sand

Using sand is one of the best decisions you will make. Sand provides tremendous stability to the hoop. Sand is used for the heavy basketball hoops we also have used it in Spalding The Beast for immense stability. Sand has 13 pounds per gallon and is heavier than water so its stability is also good than water.

The con

As we discussed above that sand is heavier so it would be difficult to move a basketball hoop base that is filled with sand. Other than that, we suggest buying the bag of sand from the local dealer if you don’t want to ruin the base.

Using water

Water also provides stability but a main con of water is its evaporating nature that could cause an imbalance in the hoop. However, if you check the level of the water often then it won’t do any destabilization. The plus of the water is you can empty the base with ease rather than sand.

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How Much Sand For Basketball Hoop Base?

A standard basketball hoop needs 35 gallons of sand. While the quantity of the sand depends upon the size of the basketball hoop base you have. So if you have a basketball hoop that has the capacity of 35 gallons then simply you need the 10 bags of 50 pounds sand for 35 gallons. As we already mentioned a gallon of sand equals 13 pounds.

Simply just multiply 50×10=500 pounds of sand. you just need to use 455 pounds because 35×13=455.

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Can you move an in-ground basketball hoop?

In-ground basketball hoops are assembled deeply with concrete so disassembly of them is not a piece of cake. You alone won’t move them. The answer is if you want simply hire a professional accordingly.

Are our portable basketball hoops easy to move?

When the word comes “portable” that means they’re easy to move especially those hoops that have wheels at the bottom. Even though an empty hoop is quite easy than a filled with substance.

Final Words

Basketball is really a piece of mind. Simply follow our tips for moving the hoops. If you’re not sure about moving them. You should hire a professional for the job. Changing the position on the basketball courts is really fun and enjoyable. If you still have any query do let us know in the comment section. Thank you!

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