How to Pump A Basketball Without a Needle

While playing outside with friends and suddenly the ball is flattening. This is the worse thing when it’s happening during the top-notch basketball game. While it would be a great thing if everyone knows about How to Pump a Basketball Without a Needle. It is a little bit tough to carry the pump and the needle with yourself all the time. So, you must know the ways of inflating a basketball without a needle.

How to pump a Basketball Without a Needle

How to pump a Basketball Without a Needle

It’s frustrating sometimes when you’re playing with your friends and the ball is flattening and no one has a needle. But now, you don’t have to worry about the needle. There are a lot of methods through which you can easily inflate a basketball without a needle. Yes! Today we will tell you each and every quite simple method.

We have described three safe methods here:

  1. Using a can of a compressor
  2. Using a balloon
  3. Through a nearby gas station

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Method 1: An air compressor’s can

A quick and easy way of inflating a basketball is using a can of an air compressor no matter if you don’t have a needle on the time and you’re thinking about how to inflate a basketball without a needle? The can of an air compressor offers a similar way to the needle through which you can easily fill up the air.

For this method, you have to be at home there are some people who carry the compressed air outside with them. But, if you don’t wanna carry it with you then the compressed air is easily available at a cheap price at the nearby stores no matter where you are you can get a can of compressor air.

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What you need

  • A basketball
  • A can of compressed air (Tip: Before taking a can check it carefully if the can is filled with compressed air or not).
  • Additionally, a second can if you feel the ball is more flattened.

How to use them

inflating a basketball is using a can of air compressor

  • Use straw of the can. Insert the end of the straw into the basketball slowly. As straw is instead of an inflation needle
  • Start pressing the trigger of the can slowly. The ball will start inflating when you allow the trigger to fill the air into the basketball. Once the ball is pumped up at what level of inflation you want. The ball is ready to dribble!

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Method 2: How to pump a ball without a pump through a Balloon

Thinking about how to pump a ball without a pump! Yes, you can. If you’re at home while playing then that’s great. We all have balloons in our homes eventually for birthday parties. This way is quite a simple and easy method than carrying the needles, pumps, paper clips, cans, straws, and other equipment with yourself. However, this method is not for the outside as you don’t carry the balloons with you all the time. You can use this method at home.

what you need

  • A flattened ball
  • A balloon (Tip: Having more than 1 balloon will be safe)

  • A paper clip recommended below

  •  A coffee stirrer

How to use them

fill the air in the ball through a balloon

  • The first step you have to do is to blow up the balloon carefully. Remember not the overblow the balloon as it may burst.
  • Secondly, the balloon is blown up to the required air, you have to close the hole of the balloon temporarily from preventing air leakage by using a clamp or paper clip.
  • The next step is when inflating the ball you need to connect the straw or the stirrer. One side of the stirrer into the hole of the balloon and the other one side put in the basketball’s valve.
  • When you take off the paper clip from the balloon, the air begins to flow in the basketball through a connected stirrer and you can check the inflating by pressing the basketball.
  • Do this same process many times when the inflation level reaches the desired air level.

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Method 3: Go to a nearby gas station

If you’re playing outside and you have the pump and thinking about how to inflate a basketball without a pump, needles, and the other likely things, and the other two methods which we’ve shared above, then this will be the best option for you. Gas stations and bike shops have air pumps and they might have the attachments which are needed in the inflation process. However, the method is quite simple but you have to find the gas stations and bike shops near to you and this may take a while.

Also, this process is also a safe process because bike shops may not have attachments so the ball wouldn’t be damaged. But you have to monitor the inflation level of the ball when the shop keeper starts inflating the ball.

what you need

  • A basketball
  • Find the nearby gas station or a bike shop
  • Additionally, take an inflation needle in your pocket if they don’t have it.

How to use them

  • Go to a nearby bike shop, After asking them they might help you or not.
  • Use the additional needle for attachment
  • It is a very little process they might not charge you for this but if they don’t charge you thank them.

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Final verdict

We hope these simple methods will help you in the future now you will definitely know How to pump a Basketball Without a Needle. We explained in a simple way if still, you have any questions regarding the inflation you can comment here or if you know any other method of inflating a basketball let us know!

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