What is a Reach in Foul and Shooting Foul in the Basketball NBA

Every sport has some rules, in a similar way basketball game also has some rules. There are numerous things that an  NBA player can’t do during a tournament. During the basketball game, both teams try their best to score higher. However, in this race when a player does something illegal against the opposite team’s player that is will be considered as a foul and plays top. There are many fouls that are called Reach in Foul in basketball.

However, we didn’t find out any rule of Reach in foul within the NBA rules.

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What is a Reach-in Foul in Basketball or NBA

This is described as when a player wanted to steal the basketball from the opposite team’s player, the opposite player make a contact by using his arms as a defender, then a foul is considered against the aggressive player for stealing the ball, it is called the Reach in foul in basketball.

Usually, every sport has a different type of fouls. In a basketball game when an aggressive player wants to take over against the opposite team’s player is called a charge. But when a player shoots a basketball and hits the arm of the opposite player while shooting that is called a shooting foul.

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Types of Distinct Fouls in Basketball

Mainly, there are 3 types of basketball fouls:

  • Blocking
  • Holding
  • Pushing

All these fouls happen when a player makes a contact with an opposing player while dribbling is called reach-in. Reach in foul is not a specific term, however, these fouls can be reached in fouls and sometimes can not be.

Blocking: if a player moves toward the basket and the opposite player blocks him by his body it is called Blocking.

Holding: When a player tries to pull over or grab the opposite player in an irrespective way it is called Holding.

Pushing: When a player pushes the body of the opposite player and hits the body of the opposite player it is called pushing.

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Difference Between Reach and Blocking

Knocking the other player by using the body while dribbling is called Blocking it is not Reach. At the same time, if a player makes a contact with the opposite player’s arm that is called Reach-in. They are similar in a way but are different fouls.

Undoubtedly, basketball is full of contact sport games. Being a player you’re allowed a little bit of space but that doesn’t allow you to make contact with another player by using your body to create an obstacle. Simply the defensive play is if you play basketball and don’t collide with the other player’s body but you make the arms as a defense then it is called a defensive play.

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The foul is considered when hitting the ball handler’s arm. A reach-in foul doesn’t mean that hitting over the body but it happens when a contact is created.

When a player puts down the basketball for dribbling if a player wants to steal the from the handler’s hand and the player hits the arm of the handler it is called Reach-in. While dribbling or before the player puts down the basketball for dribbling they both fall under the same category.

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use your hands but you can use your forearm but without touching the ball handler.

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Though a Reach-in foul doesn’t exist in NBA rules. It’s a way to describe the other fouls which we have mentioned. They are quite easy to understand. They may seem odd. But when you practice the basketball game they are easy to follow. Just keep in mind don’t touch the opposite player’s body. Though hard defense play is recommended and very important.

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