Which trampoline is the bounciest? Reasons why you should buy this?

Which trampoline is the bounciest? While at first glance you may find this question complex one- there is a variety of trampoline with various shapes and sizes available out there. Trampolines are famous among the masses for more than 70 years. The use of coil-springs with frame support remained famous in trampolines for many decades.

Which trampoline is the bounciest

Despite continuous advancement with the time, this technology fails to compete with the modern leaf spring technology introduced by VulyPlay, an Australian brand. In 2014 they used the leaf springs instead of coil springs and made the bounciest ever trampolines.

Which trampoline is the bounciest in 2020

The Thunder Pro Trampoline For this revolutionary advancement in trampoline design the brand received The Good Design Award Australia in the year 2014.

How Much Bouncy is the Vuly Thunder Pro?

Vuly Thunder Pro is the bounciest ever trampoline-says the manufacturers. The reason behind such a proud verdict is patented leaf spring technology and the mat with high-end quality. Vuly Play, an already famous brand due to its previous outdoor recreational products has this time replaced a bunch of coil springs underneath, with the leaf springs. The novel technology has a lot of advantages over the traditional one.

Vuly Thunder Pro

The leaf springs put on more bounce per jump making it the bounciest trampoline ever. The lighter leaf springs that are already in a curved shape and the absence of rivets multiply the bounce with each jump. Along with the extra bounce they have taken care to make the bounce even smooth-as you there is no pressing against springs and rods.

What About Frames?

A longer warranty claim gives you the satisfaction that you are going to buy a durable product. The frame of Vuly Thunder Pro comes with a warranty of 10 years that is one of the highest warranties on the market. So it justifies the statement that it is the sturdiest ever frame in any trampoline. Its dual tube design adds more power every time you jump on it.

Materials of This Trampoline

Premium quality materials are used to make every part of the trampoline. The frame of the trampoline is constructed with quality steel that makes the frame sturdiest ever. This trampoline is supposed to be used outdoors, it needs to be rust-resistant and thankfully it is. This trampoline is going to stay longer with you-thanks to double-dipped galvanized steel with powder coating.

Galvanized steel is the one that has a protective thick zinc layer that prevents rusting and fading off. Also, an additional powder matte coating for the same purpose enables it to cope with the harshest environment ever. The frame has been galvanized from both inside and outside even the twists and welded joints have been taken care of in this regard.

The net enclosure is also worth the money-the enclosure net constructed with silk terylene fabric. This a strong fiber that is highly elastic, easy to clean, and resistant to creasing and fading off. The enclosure net is definitely a long-lasting one as claims a warrant of 5 years.

Is The Vuly Thunder Pro The Safest Trampoline?

There shouldn’t be any doubt about the incredible safety that Thunder pro provides to its users. Constructed with amazing materials and innovative design, it is the safest trampoline in the world.

There is nothing on Thunder Pro to bump in. The net poles that are the major cause of injury in many trampolines are no more a problem. They bend outwards and the enclosure net is exclusively attached with a jumping mat instead of frame-this nullifies the chances of crashing into the metal frame and poles.

By using leaf springs instead of coil springs they have managed to take off the metal frame from edges of the rebounder-allowing users to jump comfortably without any hazard of injury by getting into a tough metal frame at the edges.

The enclosure net is tightly woven so don’t worry about the toes and fingers being caught in the enclosure net. Moreover, the net has undergone wet-testing for UV protection factor under the real weather conditions to make the environment safer.

In Which Shapes And Sizes It Is Available?

The Thunder Pro trampoline by VulyPlay is available in its three sizes, medium, large and extra-large.

The medium trampoline comes with a mat size of 8.5-inches and a total width of 12-inches. In large-size Thunder Pro, you will get a mat size of 12.5inches and 14.5 inches overall width. In XL size the mat size is the same as that of medium but the width is extended up to 16inches. The maximum user weight capacity is extremely high at 330lbs for all of its sizes. All the sizes feature the same height of 10 inches-the the tallest trampoline.

The Vuly Thunder Pro trampolines are available in an only rounded shape with the net poles ending outward and leaf springs completely outside the enclosure.

In addition to the above-mentioned characteristics the Thunder Pro trampoline boats pretty interesting traits like

  • Although hopping on a trampoline is an ultimate fun, now children will have more fun by playing interesting games on a HexVex printed mat.
  • There aren’t any nuts and bolts hence the assemblage process of a trampoline is extremely simple and easy
  • It comes with the self-shutting door and does not have zippers like the cheaper models have
  • You get the additional accessories like shade covers and tents, giving you a real amping feel outdoors even in the harsh weather conditions.


  • Patent leaf spring technology
  • The sturdiest frame
  • Extremely powerful and robust bounce ever
  • The design ensures the maximum safety level
  • Longest warranty
  • Easy assemblage-no nuts and bolts


  • The HexVex printed mat may fade off with the time
  • The enclosure net may rip faster-don’t honour the warranty
  • Expensive
  • The short warranty period for a self-shutting door-1 year

Wrapping up, we can say that Thunder Pro is the safest, strongest, tallest, and bounciest trampoline in the word. The leaf spring method is admired by professionals and amateurs alike. Some may find it costly but it’s worth paying a little extra as it offers a lot more experience than its close competitors.

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