Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks? List of Famous Players Wore Masks

We have watched in NBA tournaments that some players are wearing face masks No doubt they took the center of the attraction but ever you wondered why do NBA players wear masks? Though basketball game is fulfilled with full of surprising injuries. Facial injuries are common in basketball sport. It feels uncomfortable to play basketball by wearing a mask.

Why Do NBA Players Wear Masks

why do NBA players wear masks?

Do you know some famous players who also worn face masks? We will further discuss this below keep reading to know. NBA players wear masks because they had previous facial injuries. The common facial injuries may occur in the basketball game are nasal injury, cheekbone injury, eye injury, and so on. Players wear masks because they may have these injuries and not healed yet.

A face mask plays the role of a helmet in basketball. Besides protecting, it also grabs the attention of the audience. Not only NBA players but beginners should also wear basketball face masks in order to prevent injuries.

Here is the list of the famous players that wore face masks:

1. Russell Westbrook

In 2015, Russel had a cheekbone injury he was playing at the courts and suddenly his teammate Andre Robbinson kneed his face. Due to that injury, he wore the mask in a match for protecting and speedy recovery. Surprisingly, he was still able to make 49 points with a mask in that match.

2. Rip Hamilton

Rip Hamilton had 3 times nose injury. So he decided to worn the mask even after he healed to prevent further injuries. He worn the mask for 4 years after the injury and then decided to wear it throughout his full career.

3. Joel Embiid

In 2018, Joel Embiid wore a mask along with a goggle because he broke his eye socket when he smushed onto his own teammate named Markelle Fultz. He required surgery to fix that injury. After surgery, he used to wear a mask to not getting injured again.

4. Chris Paul

From 2011 to 2012, he got a nose injury from his opponent Danny Green. Chris used to wear a mask for speedy healing.

5. Kobe Bryant

One of the famous players Kobe broke his nose back in 2012 when he ran into his opponent Dwayne Wade. He used to wear a black mask but later on, he converted to a transparent one. His mask was later auctioned and solid for $50,000.

6. Tracy McGrady

In 2008, Tracy also opted to wear a mask because he got an eye injury because of elbowed in the face. There was none other option except choosing to wear a mask.

7. Lebron James

LeBron broke his nose after he started wearing a black carbon-fiber mask that looked like a batman. After that match, NBA asked Lebron not to wear that mask. Because the players couldn’t able to see his expressions and they thought he got an advantage to spice up things with a batman mask. As a result, NBA banned that mask after that Lebron chose to wear a transparent mask.

8. Rudy Tomjonavich

Rudy had a very horrible injury. Back in 1977, his opponent player named Kermit Washington punched him so hard as a result he got jaw and facial bone injury. He sided away 5 months for a full recovery.

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Why are black masks banned in the NBA?

As we discussed above NBA also banned the mask worn by LeBron James. NBA thought that a player with a black carbon mask would get an advantage because the opponent won’t be able to see the eyes and expressions of the player. Although, black transparent masks are not banned.

Are NBA players required to wear masks?

Whenever do players feel a need to wear a basketball mask the NBA health staff decided that they can wear KN95 or KF94 masks.

Some of our recommended masks you can wear:

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Wearing a mask is an ideal thing as you will look different from your teammates and opponents. Plus, you should also wear it for maximum protection. If you have already had a facial injury it will help you in speedy healing. If NBA players can wear then you should also. We briefly discussed why do NBA players wear a mask and gave an example of famous players who wore masks.

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